Pure Woolen Wear

About Us

Thamelnepal.com is an online shopping site dealing in fair trade ethics products manufacture, wholesale and exporter of Hand made Products, woolen felt items, knit wears textiles, silver jewelry, bone craft jewelry and many traditional handicraft products.

Our online gift items includes almost all sort of fashionable and traditional products available in the thamel market which is one of the most visited tourist destination in Kathmandu, Nepal. We send gifts online for every part of the world based on our terms and conditions.

Woolen fabric Felt products, Cashmere Pashmina, Himalayan yak wool winter jackets, Garments and fashion clothing, Nepalese traditional paper products, Hemp products, jewelry items and handmade handicrafts products are main exporting materials from Thamel Nepal. We offer online shopping for quality handmade crafts like men’s wear, ladies fashion wears, winter wear, summer wear, silver jewelry, mala beads, Pashmina, Hemp, Woolen, Felt,  incense, Handmade paper, statue and many more.

We thamelnepal.com is directly associated with the artists and craft men so the prices of the products are also very reasonable.


Company Vision:
Our main objective is to develop Nepali traditional craft industries so as to improve the living standard of the producers/workers and their families from the rural areas of the country but only through FAIR TRADE PRACTISES. More than 80 % of our employees comprise of women from nearby villages. Most of them are under poverty line and single women. We employ as more workers as possible from the economic level and village women while offering benefits such as health-care, education to their children and many more.


Products Creation Process:
Our products is made up of with local natural resources from remote village areas. Most of our raw materials such as hemp, cotton, silk, nettle, natural pashmina, wooden, and paper products come from the Himalayan part of Nepal and they are made by hand locally. Local village people collect hemp and nettles from the source area of remote mountain regions. They grow in the wild still collection of these raw materials does not affects to the nature; It is eco-friendly as well.

 First step for creating product is collectiong raw material and refining them. It begins with the soaking of the plant, it is boiled with ash to naturally bleach it and make it soft. After drying on rocks in the sun light, the product is turn into thread by hand and delivered to looms to be woven into fabric. Hemp is little bit harder than Nettles and more strong & durable than cotton which is long lasting products. These organic products are very important due to these fiber’s healthy effect to the users. Wearing these natural garments makes feel warmer in the cold and cooler in the hot weather. 
Raw material now stone washed, colored and give some shape. Knitting and patching the clothing and finally iron it to give smooth looks.


Our Products:
We are associated with many other manufacturer company related with different sectors. We have collaboration between us for manufacturing and distributing products. It includes cotton fashion, woolen products to metal statue, jewelry, felt, wooden crafts and many more.
What we provide for you is:

  • Woolen Jackets for man and women
  • Woolen Cap, ear flaps caps, animal head , hair band
  • Woolen gloves, warmer and socks
  • Cotton Jackets for man and women
  • Cotton Skirts and Trousers
  • Cotton Top Dresses